Road Closures May 14th – 23rd 2018

Below is the anticipated schedule to the complete the remaining work on Little Switzerland Rd and anticipated impacts to residents.

Monday, May 14th: Billeter will mobilize equipment to the project site.  Limited periodic delays to unload equipment from hauling trucks.

Tuesday, May 15th – Friday, May 18th: Billeter will be working on completing the repair work below the existing surface.  They will be working in the road between 9a-4p and depending on what phase of the process they are in, traffic will not be allowed through.

Monday, May 21st & Tuesday, May 22nd:  Final roadwork, paving preparation.  Anticipate limited access 9a-4p.

Wednesday, May 23rd:  Paving.  To accommodate paving to be completed in one day, the road will be closed at 7:00a and will not re-open until late afternoon (5p or later).

Thursday, May 24th & Friday, May 25th:  Final clean up & removal of equipment. Limited periodic delays to load equipment on hauling trucks.

This will also apply to residents downstream/uphill from the project that have not been previously impacted by the construction.  If you have any questions or concerns, please “reply all” so your inquiry can be addressed by the appropriate person efficiently.

Thank you for your patience through this process.


Repair Update – 9/23/2017

The top row of anchors are completed.  The ditch is dug deeper to install the bottom row of anchors.

Deeper ditch for bottom row of anchors
Deeper ditch for bottom row of anchors

Rock is being hauled in to fill in behind the wall as the last anchors are cured and set.  A little bit of rain makes it a little bit sloppy but does not delay the work.

Rock Fill
Rock Fill

Repair Update – 8-11-2017

Little Switzerland Road repair progress:

Tons of dirt has been excavated.  The photo below shows the excavator at the far (downriver) end of the wall loading the dump truck with the last of the dirt from the upper level.  About half of the 32 top-level anchors are installed and cemented (or grouted) in place as of today.  Three 75′ anchor cables and a 75′ PVC pipe are placed inside a 75′ corrugated pipe.  The PVC pipe is for pumping the grout into the hole so it fills from the inside-out.   Two more 75′ PVC pipes are inserted outside the corrugated pipe.  One is used to pump grout around the outside of the corrugated pipe.  The other is used, after the grout has set, to pressurize the end of the hole to fracture so it flares out to cause a larger grip on the inside end.  Another steel beam (waler) is attached to the wall and the anchors to complete the grip on the other end.  The beam also aids in tension testing of the anchors.

Waler and grout holds top-level anchors in place
Waler and grout holds top-level anchors in place

The grouting plants (cement mixer-looking equipment) are on the roadside; above the drilling area.  Due to hose length restrictions, equipment is moved downriver as the anchor hole driller moves.  The next section to be drilled is the narrowest part of the road which will restrict traffic flow.

Grout Plants - equipment to mix grout
Grout Plants – equipment to mix grout

Next, the excavator will move back to this end (upriver) to scrape another 8′ layer below the top-level anchors.  Another row of 32 anchors, slightly shorter than 75′, will be installed in the same way as the first.  Around the same time, a 10′ ditch will be dug down the center of the road for the drain pipe installation.

installing anchors
installing anchors and the waler

The work crew has been very good to work with us to minimize road closures although full-day road closures are becoming inevitable again.  Kevin Bowles, with Obec Engineering, has been instrumental in keeping the residents apprised and avoiding traffic jams and frustrations.  We would never have been able to secure access, in this way, to our properties without grants from FEMA and Oregon IFA and extensive engineering help from Steve Hodge\Lincoln County Public Works.  Gratitude keeps us patient through the inconvenient times.

Repair Update – 6/24/2017

The steel sheets were delivered this last week.  Full day road closures will begin on Monday, June 26th.  No vehicles (except for emergency vehicles) will be allowed through from 8am – 6pm, M-F: June 26-30 and July 5-7, 10 and 11.

This schedule is flexible depending on what they run into while driving the sheets into the ground.  Get more current updates via email by contacting a commissioner listed on the right.

Steel sheets are ready for driving
Steel sheets are ready for driving

Road Repair Update-5/26/2017

2017 FEMA Road Repair

449-495 Little Switzerland Rd

1) Little Switzerland Road, upriver of 449, will be closed to non-residents from 5/31 through 6/29. Please notify friends and family that you will visit them at their house instead of yours during this time. Residents may come and go during this time period but there may be delays; please keep travel at a minimum from 8am to 6pm.

2) During the crane work, for pile driving, the road will be impassable from 8am to 6pm. This work is estimated to begin around June 9th and expected to last about 2 weeks but could be longer or shorter depending on the underground conditions.

3) Emergency Management has been notified of the closure. Emergency services will be accommodated; even during the crane work. After you call 9-1-1, it will speed up their arrival if you can notify Heather Carter\Obec Engineering on her cell: 541-405-8372

4) Package delivery during the construction period will not be possible (Fed Ex, etc) . It is unlikely that random deliveries can be accommodated during the pile installation. The recommendation is to have packages delivered to alternative sites such as a friend’s or family member’s address until the end of June.

5) Dahl will pick up garbage\recycle before 8am on the regular weekday (Tues). Get your cans out early.

6) Lincoln County is issuing a press release to inform the the entire county of the road closure.

7) The latest updates will be emailed if you are getting District info emails. If you do not have email, call Jo (541-270-6614) to make other arrangements to receive the latest updates. The latest updates will also be posted on this website as they become available.