Resident Survey

Little Switzerland Road District

Resident Survey

This survey is intended to help quantify the opinions of the residents of the LSRD.  This is not a vote, nor is it legally binding.  It is intended to clarify the numbers of us who have similar concerns and to gather knowledge from experienced residents.  All questions are derived from meeting or email comments.

Disclaimer: The survey is quite long.  The online survey cannot keep track of where you left off if you stop before finishing.  To cautiously use your tax funds we are using a free website which has limited abilities.

Survey Instructions:

Survey answers will be summarized and tallied by Pam Pitts (an impartial resident).  Your name is required to ensure there are no duplicates and to combine partial surveys.  However, please indicate if you do not want your name revealed to the Board.

2 Survey Options:

1) LSRD Resident Survey – Click to download and print survey.  Snail-mail your completed survey to Pam Pitts, PO Box 67, Tidewater, OR 97390

2) Take online survey below:


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