Road Repair Update-5/26/2017

2017 FEMA Road Repair

449-495 Little Switzerland Rd

1) Little Switzerland Road, upriver of 449, will be closed to non-residents from 5/31 through 6/29. Please notify friends and family that you will visit them at their house instead of yours during this time. Residents may come and go during this time period but there may be delays; please keep travel at a minimum from 8am to 6pm.

2) During the crane work, for pile driving, the road will be impassable from 8am to 6pm. This work is estimated to begin around June 9th and expected to last about 2 weeks but could be longer or shorter depending on the underground conditions.

3) Emergency Management has been notified of the closure. Emergency services will be accommodated; even during the crane work. After you call 9-1-1, it will speed up their arrival if you can notify Heather Carter\Obec Engineering on her cell: 541-405-8372

4) Package delivery during the construction period will not be possible (Fed Ex, etc) . It is unlikely that random deliveries can be accommodated during the pile installation. The recommendation is to have packages delivered to alternative sites such as a friend’s or family member’s address until the end of June.

5) Dahl will pick up garbage\recycle before 8am on the regular weekday (Tues). Get your cans out early.

6) Lincoln County is issuing a press release to inform the the entire county of the road closure.

7) The latest updates will be emailed if you are getting District info emails. If you do not have email, call Jo (541-270-6614) to make other arrangements to receive the latest updates. The latest updates will also be posted on this website as they become available.



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