April 12, 2017 – Road Closure – Update

The April public meeting was cancelled due to the lack of new business or updates on old business to discuss.  

Update received April 10, 2017:  The weather looks favorable for the tree removal on Wednesday.  To try to accommodate the morning commute the road closure will be at 8:30 am instead of 8 am.

This notice was received from Obec Engineering April 5, 2017:

Road Closure for PW451:   The contractor is planning on performing one day of work on the repair project on 4/12/17 to remove the tree identified for removal at 495 Little Switzerland Rd. The early work is necessary to meet migratory bird windows associated with project NEPA permits and ensure that project delays are not encountered later in the season. The work to remove the tree requires a road closure, with an anticipated 8 hour duration. Work is planned to begin at 8:00 am. The schedule is weather dependent and may shift if weather on the planned day of removal becomes inclement. Notification of cancellation will be provided as soon as possible.  Please plan accordingly.

Additional info from Heather Carter\Obec Engineering:

“There is going to be period of time as the tree is limbed and bucked that traffic will be held. We don’t know for sure how precisely it will fall, so are going with a conservative time estimate. As soon as the tree goes down they will work continuously until it has been cleared to allow traffic to resume.

“They will make every effort to accommodate traffic as soon as possible, it could be possible that the road can be opened to accommodate traffic or at least intermittent traffic much sooner, but if things don’t go exactly as anticipated it may take additional time to clear the tree, we thought it best to make a conservative estimate and a buffer.

“We will be checking in on Monday to confirm the schedule and will make sure we provide you at least 24 hours notice if we change the schedule for the work. I can also provide you an email update as soon as the work is done or if we have some folks that have specific schedule needs or concerns, if they would like to provide their contact info we can provide individual text updates as well, I’m happy to help with that.”

Tree-removal - Edited


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